SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization services for you eCommerce store or WordPress website from the experts at Silicon Dales.

With a primarily “in site” focus, we can audit your properties, and provide industry leading, bleeding edge, Search Engine Optimization products.

We setup your tools, research your competitors, organise your website content and report back with the impact of on-page work and outreach.

PDF’s and video walk-throughs give you an empowered overview of your website search engine ranking and how it is being improved with the assistance of Silicon Dales.

Additional Information

Why pay for SEO?

Simply put: if you don’t have the resources “in house”, paying for SEO is often an easier way for a business to quickly gain traction, without the need to recruit and retain a skilled person to manage search performance for a website or eCommerce site.

Timeless Work

Often, things like page organization or tools setup are done once, infrequently, and the justification for paying a full-time in-house SEO isn’t there.


Further, at Silicon Dales, our skilled SEO experts know how to organize websites and promotion for maximum conversions. Our team has a wealth of experience and track record working on this specific area of website promotion.

Continuous Development

Search engines and web habits are changing rapidly and here at Silicon Dales we take time to monitor and adapt to new trends. Our team monitor new updates from the major search engines, as well as the impact on sites,  making sure that our SEO work is the latest best practice.