WooCommerce Agency

Looking for a WooCommerce agency, developer, or a team of developers who can help you with a WooCommerce development?

Silicon Dales’ UK based business can help. We have colleagues in the USA and Australia – and work with a network of sub-contractors around the world, literally the people who make the plugins and themes you’re familiar with – to deliver a round-the-clock high-quality service which meets the needs of even the biggest businesses.

WooCommerce Experts

Silicon Dales are an agency of fully accredited WooExpert programmers. We’re a recognised WooExpert agency – listed as some of the best in the world, and we’ve been a part of the official WooExpert program effectively since day one.

This expert status gives us access to all the official extensions – allowing us to select and test the very best plugins for our clients, and allowing us deep knowledge of this highly customizable, powerful, popular eCommerce software.

Our specialist developers are able to assist with projects of all sizes.

Browse a range of our popular products and services below, or scroll down for a more in-depth introduction to WooCommerce development services. Please contact us for a conversation about your Woo store, whether this already exists, or is in the planning phase.

Our bookable Woo services include our industry leading optimization services, and also a variety of common tasks which clients may wish to book online.

What we’ll need from you

Always, in order to work on your store, we’ll require a WordPress admin login, FTP information, and ideally access to your web host’s control panel too.

You should try to have these things to hand when you make your booking, or be prepared to find them soon!

Also see

If you’re looking at WooCommerce services, then you will almost certainly be running WordPress. See our WordPress Services here.

Also, not all our Woo services are displayed here, please contact us to ask about your project.

Power up your WooCommerce with Silicon Dales

Silicon Dales provide a suite of services to SMEs looking to maximise ROI from digital.

Our team of UK, USA and Australia based WooCommerce developers can help you to develop, maintain and troubleshoot your WooCommerce theme, plugins and extensions.

We have particular experience dealing with the more complex integrations, and the helper code you might need to incorporate (for example) WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Bookings and WooCommerce Memberships into your e-commerce offering.

Official WooExpert WooCommerce Developers

Having been WooCommerce accredited for several years, Silicon Dales are qualified WooCommerce experts (AKA WooExperts).

We moved up from Silver to Gold level WooExpert in 2017, before WooCommerce changed the Gold / Silver / Bronze tiers in favour of just recognising accredited businesses.

Hence from 2018, Silicon Dales became a company of verified WooExperts, marking our continued commitment to WordPress and Open Source software.

In 2022, as the WooCommerce program developed, to once again tier Experts, Silicon Dales were given top-tier Platinum status (see here) from the launch of the new program.

Some Strengths

Silicon Dales can work with all aspects of WooCommerce development, from inception to maintenance. We can handle complex WooCommerce integrations, with specialisms in:

  • Building new stores in WooCommerce – re-theme-ing (particularly for speed and conversions)
  • Migrating data from other platforms (Magento, Shopify)
  • Importing large product ranges in CSV (or other) formats
  • Managing large product databases and stores
  • Mobile payments providers and responsive checkouts
  • Integrating EPOS, POS, Inventory management, accounts, logistics and more.
  • Affiliated and accredited providers of cloud-based ERP software from Google, Microsoft and IBM.
  • Hosting & Hardware support and maintenance – keeping your WooCommerce site fast, stable and secure.

While we have many skills, we’ve tried, above, to focus on specific areas where we excel, so that potential clients can match the types of things we do with their requirements.

That said, if you’re not sure exactly, please don’t hesitate to contact us – if it’s not in our exact range of expertise, or it we have limited availability, we will always try to make a good onward referral where you may find a better fit for your exact requirement.

Speed up your WooCommerce with an Optimization

There are few things that can help you to please your customers, admins, store managers and even the search engines (yes, speed matters for SEO, we know!), than making your WooCommerce store run at blazing fast speed. We’ve optimized WordPress and WooCommerce to perform at levels you may not believe to be possible – we’re talking 0.3 second pageloads all around the world, and instant “load on click” admin pages.

Say goodbye to slow loading pages in the front end and the admin of your WooCommerce store with an Optimization from Silicon Dales.

Familiarity with Popular Extensions

We’re particularly strong working with WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Bookings, though we have familiarity with most of the official extensions to WooCommerce (we have direct access to all of them) and a large number of well crafted third party extensions too.

WooCommerce Maintenance – A Focus

Because we know what matters to businesses who profit from the action of their websites – stability – we offer maintenance packages to WooCommerce store owning entities. Our clients tend to be medium and larger businesses, who are generating significant revenue from their WordPress + WooCommerce store. If that sounds like your business, and you’d like to have your store expert maintained, then please do contact Silicon Dales today.

Have a look at our WooCommerce maintenance services here.

With you every step

We will help you plan, deploy, and maintain a complex, mission critical WooCommerce integration; we provide ongoing support every step of the way.

WooCommerce is an Open Source (GPL) eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

Note that the “W” and the “C” are both capitalized (like the W and the P in WordPress) are.

Why’s it good?

WooCommerce is scalable, has unlimited customizations and some very well supported extensions you won’t find on other eCommerce CMS‘s such as subscriptions. It’s also free to get started and the hosting, support and other costs are entirely up to you – there’s no contract.

When did WooCommerce launch?

The platform was officially launched on September 27, 2011, and in a short space of time has grown to be the most widely used eCommerce platform on the web.

Silicon Dales and WooCommerce

After a few years working with the plugin as “ordinary” developers, Silicon Dales became accredited WooWorkers in 2014, and, after WooCommerce was acquired by Automattic, joined the official WooExpert program as Silver experts, before moving up to Gold standard in 2016.

The tiered Gold, Silver, Bronze system was ended in late 2017, when Silicon Dales renewed accreditation into 2018 and beyond, continuing a good partnership and delivering excellence to WooCommerce store owners and managers.

WooCommerce Development

For more on WooCommerce development click here.

WooCommerce Tutorials and Guides

Probably our most popular content at Silicon Dales are our WooCommerce Tutorials and guides, which are aimed at aspiring and expert WooCommerce developers alike. Our aim is to share the knowledge and help people learn how to work with the best eCommerce software around.