WooCommerce Services

Silicon Dales are an acccredited WooExpert agency. Not all of our WooCommerce services are bookable here (see the main WooCommerce Developers page at our site for more) but anything which is may be found in the grid below.

Additional Information

Our bookable Woo services include our industry leading optimization services, and also a variety of common tasks which clients may wish to book online.

What we’ll need from you

Always, in order to work on your store, we’ll require a WordPress admin login, FTP information, and ideally access to your web host’s control panel too.

You should try to have these things to hand when you make your booking, or be prepared to find them soon!

Also see

If you’re looking at WooCommerce services, then you will almost certainly be running WordPress. See our WordPress Services here.

Also, not all our Woo services are available as bookable products, please see the WooCommerce development page or contact us to ask about your project.