WooCommerce Speed Optimization


Optimize your WooCommerce store for blazing speed with a speedup from accredited WooExpert developers at Silicon Dales.

Must be bought in conjunction with an initial consultation, or following a consult.

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Product Description

Speed up your WooCommerce store with this extended optimization service from accredited WooExperts, Silicon Dales.


We work with you to identify relevant considerations, discover necessary logins as well as pitch the solution at the needs of your business and team.

WooCommerce Speed Optimization

Using an advanced checklist, an expert WordPress + WooCommerce developer will work to optimize your WooCommerce store based on the parameters contained in the report from your consultation.

In addition to an advanced speed optimization on the front end of your store, this will also include significant MySQL database optimizations, hosting optimizations and more to make the backend (admin) and internal features of your store run at blazing fast speed.

Hosting Environment

Whether you need lightning fast high-traffic resilience on the first Tuesday of every month in New York, or just a general site improvement worldwide all the time, we know the options available on all major WordPress hosting services.

We’ll get your hosting environment setup and optimized to run at blazing fast speed, in PHP 7 or higher, with all the opcode caching and HTTP acceleration you need to really run at warp speed.


Every WordPress website and associated business has its own caching needs and we will deploy the most appropriate caching solutions for your situation.

Image Handling

Optimizing, crunching, serving through a CDN, we know how to get your image files under control and get them to your website visitors faster than ever before.

Database Management

Optimizing databases, crunching queries, deleting long lost tables – we have all the tricks of the trade for knocking your database into shape.

Specific to WooCommerce, we perform some really advanced database cleanup and optimization work to make your store run really fast.

Content Delivery Network

Based on the business imperatives identified during your consultation, we will setup, amend or optimize your CDN to get the best for your business.


Below are our WooCommerce online booking contracts, which cover purchases made online, here.

These can be downloaded in PDF format by opening and following the options, or right clicking (on Microsoft Windows machines).


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You’ve made a great choice of platform. Now it’s time to make a great choice of technical partner. Whatever you want to do with WordPress, Silicon Dales can help get you there.

Top-level assistance for your project

Whatever your setup or project needs, Silicon Dales has deep experience with every facet of the WordPress stack, with a focus on delivering Return on Investment. Our web development and project management experience means you get top-level assistance for your project – see our case studies for examples.


Silicon Dales has experience working with WordPress since 2005 on hundreds of different client sites with a wide range of use cases and challenges.

From specialist security and network requirements through to ultra-high traffic and large product feeds, Silicon Dales can advise on a number of approaches to using WordPress for different business needs.


We mainly work with WordPress websites which feature some form of eCommerce, usually through WooCommerce. Almost any WooCommerce based website is complex – because you are handling a lot more than just content: orders, shipping rules, tax rules, transactions, transactional email.

Each element will need to be setup and maintained for your particular business, meaning solutions must go beyond the standardized or the automated.

For more on our WooCommerce expert status, see here.

Caring for the mission critical

If your WordPress website must maintain 100% uptime and real-time backups for transactions, it makes business sense to have expert WordPress developers, such as Silicon Dales, handle changes or updates with experience and care.

Learn more about Silicon Dales’ expertise.

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